Bankruptcy Law Advocates Fighting For You

Practice Areas

Our practice focuses solely on bankruptcy law, and we exclusively represent debtors.

When a bankruptcy is in our client’s best interest, we combine our nuanced understanding of exemption laws and our knowledge of the best use of each chapter to achieve results for our clients. We know what problems can arise during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and can counsel you on how to avoid them. We have a strategic understanding of using Chapter 13 to save most, if not all, of your assets. We are consistently on the leading edge of bankruptcy issues and trends and have helped shape the practice of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy law in Western Pennsylvania.

Our firm requires the expertise from many attorneys from contract negotiation to litigation. Don Calaiaro is one of the very few attorneys that has deep knowledge across a broad range of legal issues and does NOT rack up billable hours but racks up results. His success rate is first class.

Representing Individuals

We accept referrals to litigate bankruptcy issues on almost every consumer issue. We have successfully represented debtors in the following types of cases:

  • Discharge of tax debts
  • Discharge of student loans
  • Discharge of debt alleged to be credit by fraud
  • Good faith determinations
  • Confirmations in contested Chapter 13 cases
  • Protecting assets from sale by a Chapter 7 Trustee
  • Handling competing issues of divorce (equitable distribution) vs. bankruptcy
  • Defending objections to a client’s exemptions
  • Removing judgment liens that impair a client’s exemption in their home
  • Stripping off (removing) mortgages that exceed a home’s value (Chapter 13)
  • Cramming down debt to finance companies on automobiles and personal property
  • Careful exemption planning to maximize asset retention
  • Halting foreclosure or repossession
  • Defending fraudulent conveyance litigation
  • Dischargeability of marital debts

Representing Businesses

We also handle commercial cases, including matters such as:

  • Helping debtors reorganize in Chapter 11 or Chapter 13
  • Disputing individual liability for IRS corporate tax assessments
  • Contesting creditor business claims
  • Collecting receivables in Chapter 11
  • Restructuring secured loans
  • Structuring a Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization, paying creditors less than 100% and without interest
  • Relief from burdensome leases or guaranties
  • Liquidation of assets at a reasonable schedule to properly close down a business
  • Purchasing assets from a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 case
  • Hostile takeover of another company in a bankruptcy
  • Expelling problem shareholder groups during bankruptcy
  • Challenging enforceability of commercial liens and mortgages

Other Services

Frequently, bankruptcy matters intersect many other areas of civil and commercial law. Our practice includes additional services to assist our clients while in the process of working through financial challenges. We handle matters connected to personal injury, insurance, taxation, construction law, real estate and contract disputes, when they relate to underlying insolvency issues. If your legal needs dictate, we can help connect you with other knowledgeable, skilled and reputable attorneys who practice in other areas of law.