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Foreclosure in Pittsburgh, PA

When a homeowner stops or is unable to continue making payments on a home mortgage, the property may become subject to foreclosure proceedings. Foreclosure is usually initiated by a bank or other home mortgage lender in the event of a mortgage loan default, but can also be sought by other lien holders such as tax agencies, contractors or homeowners associations. Foreclosure itself refers to the lender’s action to bar (or foreclose) any further attempts by the homeowner to redeem the debt, allowing the lender to satisfy the outstanding loan by selling the property.

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It is very important to know your rights if you face foreclosure or are in “pre-foreclosure”. There are many remedies and courses of action that may apply to your situation. The bankruptcy attorneys of Calaiaro Valencik have decades of experience handling bankruptcy related foreclosure matters. To find out if we can help, please contact us at 412-232-0930.